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The Problem

COVID-19 is here, and we need to help protect the most vulnerable in our society!


The whole world is reacting to COVID-19, and the fear of what could happen in our South African communities where there is no running water has now become a reality. We want to teach each of the +/- 400 kids who come to our SafePlay programs how to keep their families and homes clean, and give them each hand sanitiser and vitamins to keep with them to fight our hygiene problems that we face.

Each of our SafePlace units are placed in vulnerable communities and will remain open with information available from government health services and free hand sanitising stations for anyone who walks by.

As we do education programs with our kids, please consider supporting us by purchasing, or helping us with funds so that we can purchase from suppliers in our area.

Needs List

Any hand sanitiser products (at least 60% alcohol)

Bottles of Vitamin C (chewable only)

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Where Donations Go

Communities around Port Shepstone that our SafePlaces serve:

Merlewood, Mkholombe, Masayithini (Hlanganani), Bhobhoyi and Murchison.

Go to 

Drop Off

Drop off location: Norwegian Settlers Church.

Lot 17 Izotsha Rd

Marburg, Port Shepstone.

For updates  on Covid-19 in South Africa